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Our Rules

Please read our rules and guidelines

In order to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all our members and anyone else using our services, please take a moment to read our rules and guidelines.


1:  Be nice, be respectful!

We expect all our members to be treated with the same respect and courtesy you would extend to your friends and family. Although our group is rated M for Moderate, please try to keep your language respectful and avoid the excessive use of profanities when possible. We understand that sometimes you have to swear, and his is allowed provided that it is not directed towards any individuals or groups of people.

2:  Triggers

Due to the nature of this group, some of our members are more susceptible to triggers than others. Please keep this in mind when posting things that could potentially trigger other members. Be especially mindful of topics that includes death, suicide, physical or sexual abuse as well as violence. If you must post anything of this nature please post a line first saying "Trigger Warning: <subject> before the rest of your post. I.e: "Trigger Warning: Violence"

3:  Banned speech:

The following forms of speech are banned at SOS and may lead to being muted from the chat or ejected and banned from the group altogether. We may report anyone breaking these rules to Linden Lab as well.

a:   Hate speech towards anyone or any group of people. This include negative comments about race, colour, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
b:   Encouraging or promoting suicide or self harm.

c:    Posting personal IM's in group chat without the explicit written consent from all IM participants. Such as copy/pasting private IM's into group chat.

d:   Covid-19: Please avoid any referencing to news reports, stats, figures, social media posts, or any other talk of Covid-19 except how it affects you personally. This ban is temporary and will be lifted once the pandemic has been declared over by the World Health Organization.


4: Asking for lindens, gifts or donations
     Asking for lindens, gifts, donations or financial help either for yourself or for someone else, including     charities, is strictly prohibited. We are a community peer support group and rely on donations from our  members and the SL community to cover our expenses.


5:  Posting of links in group chat

    Please check with a moderator before posting any link in our group chat. Do NOT post any links of any kind    without the explicit approval of a moderator. If there are no moderators online, please wait until your link has been approved before posting.

6:    Roleplay and off topic chat

a:    Roleplay must be kept to a minimum at all times. SOS is first and foremost a support group where people  
come to discuss RL issues. It is OK to offer hugs to people, but any extended roleplay should take place in private chats.
b:    Off topic conversations are allowed in the SOS group chat, but must give way when someone reaches      out for help or support.    

7:  Moderators

Please listen to and follow any request given by moderators. They are here to monitor the group chat and to ensure that we keep this a friendly and welcoming group. If you are asked to drop a subject, or refrain from using certain language, please do so immediately. The moderators are within their rights to mute you from participating in the group chat if you fail to comply.


8:  Dress Code:

Nudity is not permitted at SOS. Clothing must consist of more than just underwear. Swim-wear is only appropriate in the beach area. We do not permit weapons of any kind to be carried at SOS.

9:  Grievances and complaints:

a:   If you have any grievance or complaint against another member, please contact any of the moderators. Please note that we will only deal with complaints relating to the SOS group and not unrelated issues arising between members.
b:    If you feel you have been unfairly treated by a moderator, mentor, or host and would like to make a complaint, please do so by contacting Sebastien Bouevier directly via notecard in-world, or via email to We will review your complaint within 48 hours.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Please follow any request given by our moderators. Please also note that we will submit Abuse Reports to Linden Labs whenever we see that their Terms Of Service has also been breached.

Now that all this is out of the way, feel free to use this group to share your ideas and experiences, as well as reach out to others during good times and bad!