SOS will be at Second Pride!

We at Survivors of Suicide are happy to announce that we will be at Second Pride. Second Pride runs for a week and a half - June 14th - 23rd in world. You can find more information about it here. Click the link above to learn more about Second Pride!

We will be trying hard to have our booth manned with helpful and caring SOSers, so if you would like to volunteer your time let us know right away! We will be setting up our booth to be a safe space for people to come, get information and even talk to someone if they feel the desire to. We will also have LGBTQ mental health information available there & have a listing of our events. We will also be looking for help to get a new event rolling!

The management of Second Pride has amazingly given us a storefront to occupy for a year, and what better to do with a space like that but make it a safe haven for those who are looking for help in the LGBTQ community. We will strive to make this space a central location that highlights helpful information and support for this community, as well as hopefully getting a weekly meeting going at this location.

Contact us if you would like to help with any of this. Have a great day, and Happy Pride Month!

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