SOS Cycling Event!

Updated: Sep 13

Do you have the endurance to pedal your way to victory?

Stretch your muscles and wear your comfiest cycling gear and join us at Survivors of Suicide in marking World Suicide Prevention Day with a sim-wide cycling event.

◘ When: 10th - 30th September

◘ Where: Survivors of Suicide Sim

Although it is a competition with prizes awaiting the top cyclists, we want you to remember that here at SOS, our top priority is for all of you to have fun! So whether you are a competitive cycler with hours on the Peloton bike or a casual one who wants to take in the new sim's breathtaking landscape, we encourage you to come out and join the festivity.


How to join


1. Grab yourself a bike from our rezzer at the starting point in front of the sim.

2. Pedal your way through the circuit and make sure to pass through the designated checkpoints to have each of your laps count towards your total score.

3. Do as many laps as you can to grab a spot on our leaderboard!

Pixel legs tired? Don't worry! You can rest and come back to the sim to cycle some more! You have the whole week to get your laps in. So, pace yourself and make sure you take necessary breaks.

Come visit us and get involved!

For inquiries, contact our Director of Events - Sherridon Mercury.

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