So, MadPea came by..

Doesn't that sound like it's no big deal? Who am I kidding.. It's a HUGE deal!!

MadPea is a company in SL who's main focus is showing all of Second Life the fun side of virtual communities. They host hunts, create immersive games, and produce great items all in the name of showing us a great time. In the many years they have been doing this, they have created a huge community of 'Peas' who are very socially active and helpful. Every so often they highlight things in their blog to help their community on a different level and this month they chose to highlight Survivors of Suicide.

Thank you MadPea for thinking of us and helping to spread the word of our cause. You are welcome anytime! (Cause an exPeadition on SOS land would ROCK!)

Read the article.


Check out their website.

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