October 1st Guide

Hello all and welcome to Optimistic October. In this month we will be providing you with a journal prompt and a short activity that will hopefully guide you to finding peace and happiness within yourself.


October 1- Gratitude Week 1

Journal Prompt. - What Made you smile today?

Activity - Start a Optimistic October Journal.


Thank you for taking part in Optimistic October. This month we are guiding you with journal prompts and short activities that you can do in or out of world to help you learn about you more. Gratitude and Self-Introspection can both help and improve mood and motivation. Lets try together. Follow along in a RL journal, online journal or even grab one of the SL note card journals that SOS provides.

The journaling doesn't have to be long, it can even be an answer or a sentence. However, it has been suggested that to get the most out of a gratitude or introspection journal, you should give 3-5 reasons for your answer. Remember to write them down, don't just say the answers in your head. Writing them down means something, it's physical and when you feel you've lost your way or need a pick up you can look back at some of your answers.

Please enjoy the month! And if you are enjoying this, share it with your friends and family. We have included these on our website, so you can even share them in RL. We can't wait to see if it helped at the end.

<3 SOS Events

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