It's a Holly Jolly September!

Visit the SOS Parcel & pick up a sign up sheet or contact Sebastien or Maj to get on our increadibly nice list!

Yeah it's September.. but I overheard someone at the grocery store saying that we have less than 100 days to Christmas!! Well, you know what that means! SOS needs to start planning our Anniversary Christmas Fair!

Survivors of Suicide had tremendous success last year at their 10th Anniversary Christmas Fair, and we want to include you this year! We are looking for all sorts of people to help. So if our cause touches your heart or you just really loved our event last year, Read on to see where you can fit in.

We also invite you to our parcel at to walk to grounds and see the improvements that we've added since January. All of the info here and sign up sheets can be found in our clubhouse, up in the Friends of Survivors of Suicide Room.

Sponsors - We are always looking for great sponsors. Instead of just asking you for cash, we like to ask you to sponsor things.. Currently we are looking for land sponsorship, or a parcel to hold our event on. Don't worry - the Christmas Fair will be on the grid, we are just giving the opportunity to host us. We are also looking for Entertainment Sponsors - if you have a favorite DJ or Live singer on the grid, donate their signing fee so we can have them at our event! Come by our land to find out more ways to sponsor.

Vendors - We are looking for roughly 35-45 vendors to showcase their wares in our shopping area. We do not require an exclusive item since we know the holidays can be a pain for creators out there, we do not want to add to your stress. We do ask that one item is set for the proceeds to be donated to SOS, or multiple ones at a lesser percentage. If you do wish to do an exclusive item, we welcome it with open arms.

Entertainment - Last year we didn't have as much entertainment as we would have liked, so we are hoping to get more this year. We are looking for anything you have to offer. Live Singers, Cover bands.. I'm just gonna throw this out there.. Duran Duran... (I love you!), Dj's, Spoken Word Artists, Dance troupes.. We want you all!! Come on by the SOS Land and pick up a sign up sheet located in the Friends of Survivors Of Suicide room in our clubhouse.

Celebrity Elves - Oooh am I excited about this one! Last year we had Photos with Santa and it was ok. However, wouldn't it be awesome to get your photo taken with your favorite creator, fashion designer, blogger or Duran Duran. ;) So, if you have a great following in SL because you are a creator, designer, vlogger, blogger, or if you are a Linden.. ;) sign up for a 2 hour slot to be a celebrity elf, letting your followers know you support SOS, and getting them photos of you in an elf costume for free! It'll be fun..

and that's what it's all about.

SOS wants to create a safe and fun place for everyone to go to over the holidays if they are feeling a little lonely or in need of some stress relief and we want you to be a part of it. Please stop by SOS and see how you can help make our 11th Anniversary Christmas Fair the absolute best it can be.

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