Cycle Winners!!

Dear Members,

We are delighted to announce the Winners of our World Suicide Prevention Day sim cycle!

The top ten people contributing to a MASSIVE 458 rounds are as follows:-

1st (100 rounds) - Vannie (vandergalaeth)

2nd (72 rounds) - Rissy Feiri-Šђιкαmuɾι (rissy.feiri)

3rd (61 rounds) - Mrs. Chocolate Voom-Wingtips (chocolate.voom)

4th (28 rounds) - Cℓoνєr (cassandra.spore)

5th (27 rounds) - Addie the Incorrigible (adelliarikii)

6th (23 rounds) - Coyotera

7th (20 rounds) - Meelah Rose Vespera (meelatv)

8th (16 rounds) - Pryde Bunny

9th (15 rounds) - Daisy Rennels Cheviot (splendorglass)

10th (11 rounds) - mintblondie

A huge Thank You to all participants for getting involved in our event and, once again, congratulations to those making the top 10! You guys are Awesome!!

Each winner will be contacted in-world via Notecard.

Please contact Sherridon Mercury to claim your prize.

Please keep a look out for more events in the coming weeks and get involved!

Sherridon Mercury

Director of Events

Survivors of Suicide

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