In loving memory

Dark Griffith

Dark Griffith was an amazing human being, full of care and compassion to everyone she met. We are so grateful we had the chance to work with her and call her our friend and colleague. She was loved and will be missed by many.

Please join us on Sunday the 7th of Februray at noon SLT as we celebrate her life and take a final farewell in a memorial service held on our land in Second Life. 

If you have a story or a few words you would like to share about Dark, please submit it in the box below. Remember to include your name if you would like us to attribute the post to you, though you can submit it anonymously if you wish. We will publish them here on this page and may read some of them at the memorial service.

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If you would like to contribute or speak at the memorial, please contact Sebastien Bouevier inworld or ping him on Discord: TheSebster#3580 no later than Saturday at noon SLT.

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