Why join Survivors of Suicide as a volunteer?

Job description for the Director of Events at SOS.

As the Director of Events, you will be responsible for overseeing and delivering the various community outreach and fund-raising  events SOS hosts throughout the year. There is a small team of volunteers available to help out with these events, and you will be in charge of recruiting and deploying them as needed. You will be expected to work closely with the Managing Director and other Directors in order to ensure a seamless experience for our peer mentors, hosts, and service users.

You will report directly to the Managing Director.
Event Squad and community volunteers will report to you.
Social Media Manager will report to you and the other Directors.


We have three fixed annual events at SOS.

  • The most important event of the year is the annual Christmas Fair. It is by far our largest event of the year, lasting for the whole month of December. This is our main fund-raising event, and how we raise enough money to keep SOS running for the year ahead. It is also our most publicized event, making it our best opportunity to raise awareness about our organization around the grid. 

  • We will hold an annual Mental Health Fair in May to mark Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a much smaller scale event than the Christmas Fair, and will be much more heavily focused on mental health awareness than fund raising.

  • Last but not least, we also mark World Suicide Prevention Day in September by holding a concert style event and inviting the Second Life community to join us. This is a golden opportunity to inform and educate the SL community on how suicide is preventable, and how to get help.

Along with these fixed events, it would be great if we could set up a wide range of events throughout the year. Ideally there should be something every month, but at the least every quarter, though it is important to keep them simple so that we don't overextend ourselves. A great way to achieve this would be to set up events where people can take in their own time with minimal input and assistance from us. As an example, we did an Optimistic October where members received a journal, and a daily prompt to write about something optimistic. We have also done hunts where members need to explore the sim to find clues and learn about mental health subjects in the process, and receiving a gift at the end once they have completed it.

We are frequently approached by third party organizations and individuals looking to host events to our benefit. Part of your role will be to assess their suitability, then liaise with them to ensure they adhere to our standards in terms of appropriate themes, conduct, branding, etc. These events will count towards our aim to have something going on every month.

Key functions of the Director of Events:

  • Build and maintain a team of Event Squad volunteers.

  • Organize the planning and preparation for SOS events.

  • Oversee the Community Arts Centre and Radio SOS.

  • Maintain good relationships with marketing contacts, sponsors and volunteers.

  • Collect feedback from members and visitors to our events.

  • Write and publish blog articles on our website about our events.

  • Administrate our flickr page and social media presence

  • Ensure that our events reflect the whole Second Life community.

  • Various tasks as required in the daily operation of SOS, including at our parcel, and at events around the grid.

  • Be able to enter events on the SL event calendar, SL Destination Guide and to Firestorm MOTD. 

  • Please note that this is an unpaid position, though any expenses related to SOS will be fully reimbursed. 

Key skills required for this position:


  • Great interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to lead a team of volunteers.

  • Previous experience in running events

  • Great eye for designing posters, etc

  • Decorating and landscaping for events venues

  • Ability to work to budgets and deadlines

  • Insight into own limitations and ability to ask for assistance

  • Ability to mesh a plus but not requred.

Minimum commitment:


This role requires a substantial time commitment of at least five to ten hours per week, rising to around 20 hours per week during the annual Christmas Fair. As such, this role will be best suited to someone who isn't in full time education or employment.

Application deadline:

This application will close at 23:59 SLT on August 1st 2021. All successful applicants will be notified inworld and via email the following day to schedule interviews.