Stay in Touch

We want to hear from you! Here you can email the main SOS email about anything your heart desires. Be it about your experience, suggestions, sponsorship or just to chat.

Below you can find specific emails for  direct contact with our owner, events, mentor-ship and meetings.

Sebastien Bouevier


Before Sebastien became the owner of the Survivors of Suicide he was a member. He knows just how important it is to have a support group like SOS in Second Life.

Contact Sebastien for:

  • General SOS questions.

  • Requests for information.

  • Requests for sponsorship.

  • Requests for Interviews or Visibility invitations.

  • General Questions/Suggestions/Concerns about SOS.

Now Hiring

Director of Mentors

Contact Sebastien Bouevier to apply for this position.

Contact the Director of Mentors for:

  • Becoming a mentor.

  • Questions about what a mentor is or what is expected of one.

  • Additional Mentor training.

  • Help finding a mentor.

  • Questions/Suggestions/ Concerns about mentors.

Rana Dexler

Director of Meetings

Talk to me about surviving financial hardship, homelessness, physical assault, rape, abuse, neglect, chronic pain, persistent migraines, addiction, severe clinical depression, suicidal impulses, anorexia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Gender Dysphoria, PTSD and DID/MPD.

Contact Rana for:

  • Volunteering to run an additional general meeting.

  • Volunteering to run a specialized meeting.

  • Questions or Suggestions about the meeting schedule.

  • Questions or Suggestions about the meetings in general.

Maj Wirefly

Director of Events

Maj came on as events director just in time to help with the 2018 Christmas Fair. Since then she's implemented several things to help SOS be more social including the SOS Gallery.

Contact Maj for:

  • Being a Part of one of our events in any capacity.

  • Inviting us to your event.

  • Questions about events or the SOS Gallery.

  • Social Media/Website suggestion or concern.

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