Why join Survivors of Suicide as a volunteer?

Job Descriptions for The position of Mentor at SOS. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a mentor with Survivors of Suicide! Mentors play an important part of a healthy support system in the lives of many people from all around the world. As such, it's important to seriously consider the job requirements of mentoring with us and whether this commitment is right for you and your mental health.  In addition to becoming a mentor, you will also become a group moderator, so it is important you familiarise yourself with both aspects of this role. 


1. As a mentor you are responsible for:

• Maintaining your own self care. 

• Answering calls for mentors in the group chat when you have the group chat open and are able to. 

• Being active within SOS group chat - IE: Generally keeping a protective watch over the group and answering calls if needed. (Tip: Mentors who take time to interact with members in a friendly way are often more effective mentors)

• Answering pages that come from your board when people click it looking for help (this can be set to offline or busy mode when you want time away from SOS.)

•Maintaining healthy boundaries with mentees. Just because you have mentored someone once does not mean they are entitled to treat you as their 24/7 on call mentor. You are under no obligation to friend or accept a friend request from anyone you mentor. It is perfectly acceptable to refer them back to the mentor boards if they need to speak more in the future. 

• Mentors are strictly not permitted to date or engage in a sexual relationship with members that they are or have actively been mentoring due to ethical concerns. 

• Education. Mentors are required to complete various forms of training within SOS and are actively encouraged to research common mental health conditions if they are not already very familiar with them. 

• Attending mentor meetings (Time Zone and availability permitting). These meeting help to bring us together as a team and stay current on events and issues that arise in SOS. They will also give you another platform to raise concerns and discuss ideas you may have had. 

• Maintaining your mentor board with an up to date notecard, picture and making sure that there is remaining time on it. 

•Set an approximate "On call" amount of time per week that you will be available for mentoring in SOS. This will be discussed during your interview. 


2. Group moderator

• Group mods must know the SOS group rules and reinforce those rules when appropriate. 

• Group mods are responsible for de-escalating sensitive topics, such as politics and religion (rather than getting caught up in the debate) regardless of their personal beliefs.

• Group mods should not stifle general conversation unless someone is trying to talk about an issue they are having, in which case the mod needs to encourage the conversation to focus around the person sharing. 

• Group mods are responsible for freezing and ejecting trolls and solicitors when they appear. This must always be followed by a notecard to the owner detailing what happened so that a decision can be made on whether or not to ban them permanently.

• Help to keep SOS group chat a "safe space" for all members. 

• When staffing levels rise, we will be implementing a "Duty Mentor" system. Every mentor will be required to take part. Duty mentors will be responsible for the group during their shift. You will make sure people know you're there and help by mentoring when needed or helping others find resources or other mentors to talk to if you are engaged in mentoring. 


What you will receive in return:

• Full training that you can use both in and out of SOS. 

• Incentives in the form of L$1,000 gift cards through the Mentor of the Month scheme where we reward mentors who have gone above and beyond for our members. 

• A chance to, not only help others but also to help yourself. Many mentors find that the act of helping others makes them feel good and helps them by reminding them of healthy coping methods and self care. 

• Full support. If you have any concerns, issues, need advice or feedback, we are dedicated to helping you in any way that we can. 

• The opportunity to be a part of something that makes real, positive change for people. Mentors have literally saved lives. 

• Another way to add structure and routine to your second life and Real life. 

• A sense of purpose and pride in a job well done. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in pursuing, please fill out the attached Notecard and return to Kitten Meridoc.


Thank you for your interest in Survivors of Suicide peer support group!