Survivors of Suicide is a mental health peer support group that has helped thousands of people since our humble beginnings 13 years ago back in 2008.

While we may exist only in a virtual space, what we do has a positive impact in the lives of those who use our services.

We firmly believe that mental health peer support should be available to anyone whenever they need it, without regard to their ability to pay or travel. This is why we offer a low-threshold service that people can access from the comfort and safety of their own home.

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Come to our peer support group meetings or speak to one of our trained peer mentors one-on-one by visiting us in-world in Second Life!

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Managing your Mental Health during the pandemic...

We at SOS have put together an information leaflet on how to manage your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak. The media is hyper-focusing on it, and this is causing a lot of anxiety for everyone, and in particular those of us who suffer from mental health issues. We do not offer any medical advice in this leaflet, but we hope you will find some of the coping strategies helpful in managing your own mental health, and the mental health of your near and dear ones. Click HERE to download our PDF Coronavirus leaflet.

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